The God Squad was started by 4 police officers from The Calgary Police Service who felt a need to pray for officers and their families. It evolved into putting on men’s conferences in 1998 when Sean Lynn had gotten to


Please join the God Squad in praying this Novena that begins on Good Friday and ends on the Sunday immediately following Easter.   Jesus asked that the Feast of the Divine Mercy be preceded by a Novena to the Divine


God Squad challenges men to show the same servant leadership to their families that Christ has for His bride, the Church. God Squad Canada was formed by four Calgary police officers who witnessed first hand the breakdown of families, and


  • Be Not Afraid; To Become a Saint: A Reflection

    Be Not Afraid; To Become a Saint: A Reflection

    I find myself getting old, far too old I think to become a saint. I don’t have enough time. Age has come upon me faster than I ever thought possible. Is that realization some measure of wisdom that comes with Read more...
  • What is a Saint?

    What is a Saint?

    The theme for this years conference is “Be Not Afraid..To Be A Saint”! What is a Saint and why do we want to become one? According to the Oxford dictionary 1. A person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and regarded Read more...
  • We’re on a Mission for God!

    We’re on a Mission for God!

    We’re on a Mission for God!   As a very young man, one my favorite movies was “The Blues Brothers” in which they had the famous line “We’re on a mission for God’. There was nothing that was going to Read more...
  • QR77 – Angela Kokott

    QR77 – Angela Kokott

    Angela Kokott interviews Sean Lynn, President of God Squad Canada   Audio Only       Read more...
  • “For such a time as this”

    “For such a time as this”

    It is interesting times that we find ourselves in, with a Canadian government that won’t allow money to be given to any Catholic charity that want to hire a summer student but won’t/can’t check the box to say they support Read more...


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