Happy Easter 2024

Happy Easter 2024

He who does not carry his Cross

Cannot be my disciple

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of Host

As we enter into the Triduum and share in God’s Divine life, we enter it as men of the Cross; disciples of Christ, who leads us to the Father.  We have been awakened to the dream that God has for our life: To be a Saint. And He wants us to bring others with us; starting with our loved ones, our neighbours and yes, even our enemies. How do we do this?  By returning to the basics: A life of prayer, not that of a cloistered but that of a man whose life is centered on Christ.  By availing ourselves of the Sacraments, steeping ourselves in the Life of Christ.  By Adoration and speaking the Language of God loudly in order to hear His voice: Silence!  By going out, breaking ourselves open and pouring ourselves out in self-giving love for others we encounter daily.  Finally, we do it together.  With each other, men of God initiating other men, one at a time if we must.  Start with our sons, our brothers and our friends.  Initiate them to manhood; to self-sacrificing, self-giving love.

With confident hearts, united with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we at God Squad Canada pray you have a Happy Easter, rich in blessings and full of God’s peace, that peace that surpasses all human understanding.

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St. Joseph.  Pray for us!

God Squad is offering scholarships for two men, 40 or under to attend Life Compass’ Workshop Retreat in Calgary AB, April 13, 2024 at St. Anthony’s Catholic Parish.  Please email admin@godsquad.ca if interested.

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