Many of you may have heard that the God Squad has acquired a barbecue outreach trailer, and we’ve begun to provide cooking service for a number of events and organizations. So far the trailer and team have cooked eight turkeys for the CWL family dinner, a whole wild boar for the Knights of Columbus family dinner, and we fed 150 hungry Bantam and Pee Wee football players. The trailer will be cooking at Feed the Hungry, the Boys and Girls Club, and other outreach-type opportunities.

The purpose for providing this service is to make further inroads into the community, and to spread the God Squad message to more and more men.Although I know a lot of people and I am not afraid to ask for help, I figure if I ask all of you to make the inquiries, it will be of much more fruitful outcome.   We are looking for sponsors for this trailer. For $500, a sponsor will have their logo on the side of the trailer approximately 18″ x 18″ in size. We are also looking for quality suppliers if you have contacts with wholesale hot dog, chicken, and/or beef suppliers.

We will be looking to promote the 2012 conference by barbecuing at a few parishes in the coming months.

Any leads for either cooking opportunities or sponsorship you wish to forward, please contact Sean Lynn at:

I was at a gang conference in Orlando and went to a talk by a pastor from Boston who joined with other churches reaching out to the youth in high crime areas. They went out on Friday evenings and walked around the neighbourhood.  He said it took approximately 6 weeks before anybody asked what they were doing.  After that they were able to gain the trust of the youth and start the conversation with them and start addressing their needs.  A week later some the God Squad team were at the One Rock concert and Bishop Henry was saying mass, the wind was howling and the rain was threatening. It was very hard to hear Bishop Henry as he was saying his homily because of the wind and approaching storm. I was given a realization later as I reflected on how hard it is for our young men to hear the voice of their shepherd with all the distractions and storms blowing around in their world.  If I, a committed Catholic father and husband, was struggling to hear Bishop Henry who is one of the loudest and clearest voices we have in Canada today, how much harder is it for these young men, who are easily distracted?  It only confirmed my resolution to fight fire with fire and where there’s fire there’s smoke.  If you watch the many Food Network shows such as Barbecue Pit Masters or Best in Smoke, you might notice that food has an interesting way of getting men’s attention.  Women have known this since the beginning of time.

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