March 2024 man Update

March 2024 man Update

Keep Inviting

By Lorand Szojka at the
Parish Renewal meeting
for the Diocese of Calgary
on Feb. 10th, 2024
Summary by Richard Beaulieu, God Squad Canada

Keep inviting, keep calling.  Hear the call of the Lord, like a thirst that draws one to the water. He never stops calling so why should we? 

How do we learn this?  By following the leaders.  “Iron is sharpened by iron; one person sharpens another.” (Prov 27:17)

Our leaders need to be succeeded. 

The Holy Spirit is working in our Church here in Calgary.  God Squad Canada’s Way to the Father 27th Annual Men’s Conference is an opportunity to learn, reflect, pray, go to confession and be with other men.  The fruit borne from the experience is a renewed faith, a personal Pentecost, healing and liberation from whatever demons or sins that enslave you. March 22 and 23, 2024; you’re invited. Will you be there?  Will you bring another?

The real success is in the call and in the response to the call.  

We have seen conversions from atheism to Catholicism.  Relationships between brothers, fathers and sons, restored. We have seen men led to the priesthood, others to the vocation of married life.

The Men’s Night Out (MNO) is another example of how leaders call men to come together. Friday Sep 27, 2024 Will you come?  You’re invited to Calgary’s MNO.

Here at God Squad we trust in the Holy Spirit and are convicted of St. Joseph’s protection.  And so we invite you.  You are called. Do you hear the Lord cry out from the Cross:  “I thirst!”? That is His love for you, for your brother, your father, your son. You too must keep inviting, must keep calling.  His voice will not be heard in the wind, in the earthquake or in the fire (1 Kings 19:11:12), but in the invitation you make and persist in making over and over again. “Never stop inviting” says Lorand Szojka.

St. Joseph.  Pray for us!

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