December 2023 Man Update

December 2023 Man Update

December 2023 Man Update

You are not alone.

Sean Lynn President of God Squad Canada and
Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance Canadian National Director

You are not alone, go to St. Joseph  

Looking at Advent and Christmas from Joseph’s point of view and imagining how he had to deal with Satan’s attacks whispering in his ear how he was not up for the task and how Satan played over the fact that Joseph was unable to provide a place for Mary to give birth to the creator of the universe, Sean invites us to likewise reflect of St. Joseph this season.  Maybe St. Joseph can help you deal with those inner lies, lies from Satan on how you’re failing as a man, husband and father.  Do not believe the lies.  Go to Joseph and walk with him.  Realize that you are not alone.  That’s why God Squad is here to support you and men like you all over Canada.

In our last newsletter, Santa announced we have a Matching Donor.  Now our matching has gone up to $40,000.00 until the end of the year.  They will match one time donations as well as monthly donations.  Please go to for all the ways you can give.

Listen as Sean gives us a sneak preview of all the upcoming and exciting things God Squad has in store for us in 2024. Spoiler alert:  The 27th Annual Men’s Conference, partnering with CMLA, the new Heroic Men Brotherhood, The Design your Life Masterclass and how we can benefit from it at par in Canadian Dollars.

“I pray that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas from the whole team at God Squad Canada.  We pray many blessings on you and your families.  

Reach out to us at if we can pray for you in any special way.  I look forward to what 2024 brings for us.  

Our conference is March 22nd and 23rd where we have John Leonetti, and we have Brother Simon and Brother Chris from Seeds of the Word Community at Ascension Parish (Calgary, Alberta).  Look forward to that coming out with registrations early in the new year.  

May God be with you this Christmas season and may the King of Peace visit your house and bring that peace to everyone of you.”

We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message on what God Squad has done in your life (or in the life of someone you know) and how you hope to use what you’ve learned to become that leader in your home and their parish. 

What do people say about God Squad? What do you say about God Squad?

Let us know.

Join the mission.  Go to and see what’s going on.  Go to Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance at or to Heroic Men at and just join us in the mission of discipleship.  Bring other men along with you.  Look for other brothers in your parish and together, we can make a difference.

St. Joseph.  Pray for us!

Every $25/Month donation or $300 annual donation grants Canadians free access to CMLA’S Heroic Men’s Brother at par in Canadian dollars.

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