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August 2023 Man Update

August 2023 Man Update Send your prayer requests to God Squad will be riding 16,000 km this summer praying for men and ministry to men.  Our pilgrimage will take us through Alberta, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, Québec, Vermont, Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and back. We attend daily Mass and everyday we […]

May 2023 Man Update

  Along with Satan we are the biggest obstacles that stand in the way By Sean Lynn president of God’s squad Canada and coach for the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance. Trying to bring a vibrant ministry to men across Canada, Sean prays that we continue to win souls for Christ and that men feel that […]

April 2023 Man Update

If not you, who? By Father Jim Corrigan Men of Integrity Conference 2023 Father Corrigan asks us “what can hold us back from doing the will of God? What prevents us from fully embracing God’s Loving Plan for each of us? Fear! Fear of the unknown, fear of not being accepted, fear that someone will […]

January 2023 Man-Update

Don’t let distractions suck life away! By Sean Lynn, president of God Squad Canada Happy New Year! With a new year comes new possibilities and challenges. It’s that time of year where we start promoting our annual men’s conference. Each year we come up with a theme for our conference.  We trust the Holy Spirit […]