It is through much prayer and discussion that the God Squad team has made the decision to not host our conference physically at St. Peters next weekend, Mar 20th & 21. We are trying to follow both Civic and Diocesan directives. I am sure that you will all miss the fellowship as much as we will.


That being said, the God Squad Conference will go ahead online. We feel that we must continue our mission to reach out to all of you, especially in this time of difficulty. Contemplating our theme this year, “The Righteous Shall Be Joyful” we believe this is precisely what we need to focus on right now. We need to realize our blessings and know that we are loved.


God Squad Canada has made the decision to deliver the speaker presentations as a virtual conference. Please register here for the live stream.


We would earnestly encourage you to please join us so that you can be spiritually nourished and enriched by Fr. Jonathan, Jane Adolphe and John Chick. If you can, we encourage you to get together with your local men’s group (if you are blessed to have one in your locality), a buddy, or your family and just partake in the message of being joyful.


To enhance your experience it appears that we may be able to have a deal with Spolumbo’s for those of you that still want to try and create the atmosphere. We are hoping to send out a coupon of some sort which will allow you to go to Spolumbos and pick up your own supply.


For those who have already registered and paid, we thank you for doing that in advance and we ask that you prayerfully consider giving it as a donation for a tax receipt.


If you do want a refund we will definitely work with you as it may take a couple days to process all your requests. One of our team members suggested it’s like Joseph being in the wilderness of Egypt with his family. We are in uncharted waters and trying to complete our mission. St Joseph has pointed the way, as he focused on the joy of being present with Jesus and Mary.


We have always done our Novena to St Joseph and will continue to look for his protection for God Squad Canada as we pray for all of you at this time. We encourage you to be examples and pillars in the community, pointing the way to the Light of Christ and the joy that it brings: The Joy of being part of His bride, the Holy Church!


Yours in Christ,

Sean Lynn


Please join us as we pray a prayer penned by Pope Leo XIII.


To you, blessed Joseph, we come in our tribulation and after pleading for assistance to your Most Holy Spouse, we implore your help, too. 


In the charity that kept you united to the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God and in the paternal love you embrace the Child Jesus, we humbly beg of you to turn benignly your eyes to the heirs that, with His blood, bought Jesus Christ and that with your power and help assist them in their needs.


Protect, provident guardian of the Divine family, the chosen descendants of Jesus Christ; remove from us all mark of error and corruption, assist us propitiously from heaven, mighty liberator, in this fighting against the power of darkness; and as in other times you liberated the Child Jesus from the impending danger of His life, defend God’s holy Church from the lurking of its enemies and from all adversity, and protect each one of us with your continuous help so that, taking example from you and sustained by your aid we could live saintly, die piously and reach in heaven the eternal bliss.