Can I get a Yahoo!


I just finished working the first three days of The Calgary Stampede as a police officer and it was packed! It amazed me to see the number of serving members who take annual leave to volunteer to help out at the stampede. This event attracts 2500 volunteers to work long days to pull off the World’s Greatest Outdoor Show!


We need that volunteer spirit to bring our diocese and parishes into the vibrant church community that God wants us to have. God Squad has chosen the mission of inviting men into God’s work in Canada. To make it clear, we are not asking you to join under the God Squad banner but rather to work collaboratively with us to encourage men to be part of the fabric of the Church’s mission. We would love to hear what is happening in your parish regarding ministry to men and how we can help. Please contact 


To this end I would like to invite the men of the Diocese of Calgary to join us in painting St Paul’s Church in Brocket on Saturday August 27th (weather permitting). This is an excellent opportunity for us to build relations with our First Nations brothers and sisters. Please consider joining us and partake of our Barbeque Outreach for some great food, fellowship and community service.


Sean Lynn

President of God Squad Canada

We are hoping to gather a team of 10 and be able to start and complete the work on Saturday Aug 27, 2022 (weather- permitting).


An 8:30 start will give us time to finish.