What are others saying?

In order to understand the importance of this year's God Squad conference and to look back at the impact that the conference has had on thousands of men, we asked some former speakers to share their experience of the Men's Conference.
Their responses are below:


My experience of the God Squad conference was something of a personal renewal for me. It was a great consolation to meet Sean and to spend time with men who are given entirely to discipleship to Jesus Christ – without reserve and with great courage! I left more committed to the mission of loving Christ and, frankly, willing to risk more for the Kingdom. May God continue to bless all of you and add to your numbers. We need the God Squad more than ever at this moment in history: A light for the Church and the world! Thank you for having me those many years ago.


Dr. Jonathan Reyes
Executive Director Department of Justice,
Peace, and Human Development USCCB


St Joseph, the patron saint of workers and fathers, is our recourse to an ideal mentor and saint for men! The God Squad conferences have blessed men and their families for over 20 years! I praise God that in some small way, I and Catholics Come Home could serve your wonderful apostolate in 2016. Remember to do your part in the New Evangelization by helping to spread the Good News of Jesus, and love someone to heaven!


Tom Peterson
TV Host Catholics Come Home


As men we need to be reminded just how important it is that we strive to be world-changers. Our faith in Christ compels us to bring mercy and healing to our broken world. I have been blessed to attend several God Squad conferences over the past two decades. I can think of no better way to spend your time then to gather with great Catholic men and encourage one another to live more boldly and more generously for Christ. And congratulations to the God Squad Conference on their 20th anniversary!!


Curtis Martin
Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)–Founder


For the past 6 months I was going to send to you a story of my life and the past 20 years. Being part of the God Squad has inspired and has rooted so many blessings to me and provided direction into my life to serve the lord. This has then been extended to my 3 sons, a daughter, our extended families, my farm, my business and my commitment to serve others. I seem to speak at a number of functions every year and many of these are about our farm business, but at the end of the day it is all centered around how do we build strong Christian faith filled families.


Last year I missed the 2016 mens conference. I was speaking at a conference called Global Agriculture Summit in Iowa. It was a large gathering of Christian people who are teaching and inspiring others to build a better world. I believe that I would not have been able to do this with out the yearly direction the mens conference has given to me each year.


I was blessed to have God's pull in my life to be at the very first event along with my oldest son Greg. As the years went along all three of my sons followed and we attend as a family. Close family friends also come with many of these years, and we strengthened our commitments to each other. Unfortunately I missed two years but what a blessing to make the other 18 events.


For me, it is a great importunity to join many men who are striving to again build and live strong dedicated Christian lives. This weekend makes us commit more time out of a hectic life, to be on our knees in prayer and I am thankful of this blessing that I cherish. As a Christian man the vision of the God Squad 20 years ago has been more than I am able to thank anyone for. Thanks be to God!!




The God Squad members have been a great example to Calgary Catholic men and have not only put their faith into practice in their work lives but in every aspect of their lives. Their events have been of great help to my spiritual development and I strongly recommend them.


Deacon Paul Heffernan,
Holy Spirit Parish,
Diocese of Calgary.