November 2022 Man-Update

November 2022 Man-Update

November 2022 Man-Update

Support Ministry to Men

By Sean Lynn, president of God Squad Canada


In this installment of Man Update, Sean  makes a rare plea to men to support ministry to men.


God Squad has been extremely busy this year: BBQs, painting a church, completing the score for The Litany to St Joseph, partnering with the Catholic Men Leadership Alliance (CMLA), working with them to reach out to men where they are at, from the Calgary Diocese and across Canada.  Sean points out that this work is  “Ministry to Men” and is different from  “Men’s Ministry”.


To this end, Sean is asking you to continue to support God Squad with your prayers, your time and with financial support.


God Squad is extremely excited to announce that they have a donor that will match your donation up to $25,000.  Please prayerfully consider giving to God Squad Canada to support their endeavors.

We need your prayers.  We need you to volunteer as a leader, as a man on a mission for God. 


Join us on our mission, whether you want to run a disc golf tournament, a parish breakfast, volunteer with our BBQ outreach or whatever God is calling you to do to help men become the men that God has called them to be.


We invite you to reach out to us at

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October 2022 Man-Update

October 2022 Man-Update

October 2022 Man-Update

Celebrating with John Paul II

By Fr. Marius Sztuk, SDS


October 22 is the memorial of the Pontifical Inauguration of St. John Paul II in 1978 and Father Marius will be celebrating with John Paul the Second.


Come and take a look at the Orange County Chopper that gives tribute to one of the greatest Saints of our times.  This chopper has an S&S Engine with Baker transmission and has lots of horsepower.  Find out what the colours of Poland are and where to find the keys to the kingdom; who opens the gate and what is the gate?

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We have new friends visiting us in the pub like Jimmy Akin and  our old friends like Jeff Cavins, Jake Khym.  Don’t miss out.  Subscribe now!

September 2022 Man-Update

September 2022 Man-Update

September 2022 Man-Update

God is calling leaders in every parish

By Sean Lynn President God Squad Canada


We are so busy. From this summer’s motorcycle ride to BBQs and painting a Church in the hopes of building bridges with indigenous peoples. 


There are so many things that God has put on our hearts.  We need you to let us know what God is putting in yours.  We are looking for leaders in every parish across the country.  That is the task that was given Sean at the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance (CMLA):  A vibrant Ministry to Men in every diocese in Canada. Let us go to St. Joseph who inspired us to begin the Litany to St. Joseph Project; putting the litany in song.  Stay tuned for updates whilst we count on your prayers and support. 


St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Calgary is starting a Holy Hour for Men on the first Saturday of every month.  Please join us on Oct 1, 2022 at 08:00 for the Rosary, 08:30 Mass begins; followed by Adoration.  Confession will be available and there will be fellowship afterwards.  


Reserve March 17 and 18 2023 in your calendars for our 26 Annual Men’s Conference.  Remember Jeff Cavins Activated Disciple Change: Bring another man with you to the conference this year.  Sean is very confident that the Spolumbos’ sausages will be back again this next conference.

God Squad wants you!  

God Squad is looking for a leader to take over the Disc Golf Evangelization for the 2023 season.  We are especially looking for young men.  You will have all the support you need to be successful; including mentorship.  

God Bless.

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We will have new friends visiting us in the pub and we will have some of our old friends coming back; like Jeff Cavins and Jake Khym to start the season off.

July 2022 Man-Update

July 2022 Man-Update

July 2022 Man-Update

Holy Holidays

Holy Holidays are not a time away from God but a time to spend some quiet time with God.


Take your family to new churches and in that way learn some of the history and heritage of the Church.  Take this opportunity to make it a Holy Holiday.  


I encourage the men to take this time to reflect on what God is calling you to do in this next year; to what piece do you think He wants you working in.  


The Church needs your help to grow the Church in Canada; with ministry to men, whether you have your own group, let’s join forces.


Watch and see the beautiful scenery Sean has the privilege to enjoy during his Holy Holiday and how on fire he is returning from the Catholic Men’s Leadership Association (CMLA)  Summit just attended.

We are hoping to gather a team of 10 and be able to start and complete the work on a Saturday.
Right now we are tentatively looking to schedule this on one of the two last weekends’ of August 2022.

June 2022 Man-Update

June 2022 Man-Update

June 2022 Man-Update

Go in the Peace of Christ Transforming the World by the Way You Live Your Life

Love or hate, ready or not, wide or narrow, what path do you observe?

Do you take this path intentionally or do you wander?


By virtue of our relationship with Jesus we are in sales and therefore need to be aware of what we’re selling?  Are we truly the bearers of light?


Are you happy with yourself or with life?  Lack of peace, and joy is a sign of the absence of Love which opens the door to fear, loneliness and despair.


Do you find yourself enslaved by porn?  Do you pray to St. Joseph or your guardian angel for strength in chastity.


We are always praying for you that you be open to the Holy Spirit. 


“Men, we are on the path. Make today that path a day of redemption.” 


Listen to Deacon Stephen’s words of encouragement as he proclaims scripture and offers us his blessings.

We are hoping to gather a team of 10 and be able to start and complete the work on a Saturday.
Right now we are tentatively looking to schedule this on one of the two last weekends’ of August 2022.

March 2022 Man-Update

March 2022 Man-Update

How have you experienced journeying together as the Church?

By Sean Lynn of God Squad Canada 

We are well into March and you would think all my writing would be about our upcoming 25th annual men’s conference, but here I am writing about the Synod on Synodality

(For an article on the Conference see the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary’s blog “Why rise up?”)

I first heard about it at the beginning of the year and wondered what it was about.  From what I have been able to gather is that our Diocese has taken a simple approach asking two questions.

  1. “How have you experienced journeying together as the Church?”
  2. “What steps does The Holy Spirit invite us to take in order to grow in our journeying together?” 

I want to strongly encourage men to take part in this process to ensure that our voices are heard as the church moves forward. We have Catholic news platforms that feel they need to point out all the wrong in the church. We have divisions in every parish across this country due to mandates and political stances.  When I phoned all the dioceses in Canada asking about men’s ministry in their diocese it was like I was speaking a foreign language. There is a lot of work to do and we need you to be part of that work.

God Squad has been trying to point to the truth and beauty of the church and where we are aiming for, Heaven. It is easy to look around and get caught up with the storm of what’s going on around us. We need to keep our eyes on Christ and not lose focus like St Peter did.

“Lord, if it is you, bid me come to you on the water. ”  He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus; but when he saw the wind,he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me.” Jesus immediately reached out his hand and caught him, saying to him, “O man of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Matthew 14

On our motorcycle ride last summer we were having a discussion about what is going on in the church and the world. The conclusion we came up with is that our job is sales and those were management problems. We are not going to change what the Pope, a Cardinal or Bishop says or does.  We can focus on Christ and walk with the brothers that are right in front of us. 

So invite that man that needs a friend to join you at the 25th annual God Squad Men’s Conference where they will be encouraged and fed (literally with Spolumbos and Tim Hortons). Consider doing the 30 day challenge, Rise, with a man that you can journey with. Order a set of God Squad golf discs to take a friend out to play a round and be a friend to a man that needs a friend. As you do these things hopefully they will help you answer the questions being asked for the Synod.

In closing please watch for your opportunity to take part at the parish level in the synod and join us at the 25th annual God Squad Men’s conference featuring Bishop McGrattan, Jeff Cavins and Brett Powell.

St Joseph Pray for Us!

February 2022 Man-Update

February 2022 Man-Update

Deacon Stephen Robinson 

Deacon Stephen sends out the call to “man up” so to speak, to be counter cultural and be a man in the traditional Catholic sense and to join us at the 25th annual Men’s Conference..


Our speakers will be Jeff Cavins and Brett Powell, speaking to us about the Change on the Rise: Ushering the New Springtime.

Men have been driven down the path to sin.  Can you see the signposts to holiness or do you follow the ruts of Satan? 


Deacon speaks of the three traps laid on by Satan:

  1. The portrayal of stupid, self-centered men, stuck in adolescent mentality
  2. The Leadership Vacuum created by the fear instilled by Satan in our society that men and women are not equal if men show leadership in the family
  3. Pornography, the intrinsic evil, the glave that not only separates us from God but from intimacy with others, leaving us alone

Learn about what men’s diakonia really is; the one established by Jesus; the one that bestows upon Him the title of Lord.  


Learn what it means to be a manly man in the image of our Lord.  


Renew the true meaning of intimacy in your lives with your wife and your family and with God.


“Come and be with us as we promote this new springtime, this new rising up to be manly men.”

January 2022 Man-Update

January 2022 Man-Update

“Fend off the enemy!”
“You can’t tame me!”
“Heading up the river, we feel the change on the rise.”
“What good’s a man who lost his soul.”
“Can’t make a stand when his flame has gone cold.”

From Avi Kaplan’s song “Change on the Rise” 


Help us celebrate our 25th anniversary, inspired by St. John Paul II’s call for the new springtime and Avi Kaplan’s song “Change on the Rise” with the view of building up the church.  Our theme is “Change on the Rise; Ushering in the New Springtime!”  


We are excited to have Bishop McGrattan celebrate the opening mass.
Our keynote speakers are Jeff Cavins and Brett Powell.  


Please join us in person or on live stream at to register and for more information  


Host a watch party.  Or if you can, bring a man or two with you.

December 2021 Man-Update

December 2021 Man-Update

December 2021 Man-Update


This month, Santa himself is doing the Man-Update for God Squad.

He gives us a retrospective of 2021 and looks ahead to the new year eagerly with it’s ongoing and new initiatives like the  Litany to St Joseph Project, the 25 Annual Men’s Conference on March 18 and 19, 2021 and the new Disc Golf initiative.

Of course none of this can be possible without you all. 

On behalf of God Squad Canada, thank you all and

Aug 2021 Man Up-date Sean and the Ride to Mordor

Aug 2021 Man Up-date Sean and the Ride to Mordor

The Ride to Mordor

August 2021 Man Up-date

Sean is creating adventures like the one at the Face to Face Ministries’ Ignite 2021 at Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Parish in Calgary where he inspires us in this month’s Man-up Date (August 2021 Monthly Man-up Date) to create our own adventures.

Start a men’s group in you parish. Invite a man to join you and love him into the Church.  God Squad is here to support you.