St. Joseph Litany Project

Invitation to the Litany to St. Joseph Project

As many of you know, some of the most treasured hymns and prayers set to music in the Church are written by some of the most famous composers, such as The Mass in B minor by Bach, Handel’s Messiah, Requiem by Mozart, etc. These masterpieces were written for the centuries and are timeless. This is our goal with the Litany of St. Joseph; for people to recognize the beauty and full richness of the prayer. The God Squad Canada Core Team has felt a call to set the Litany of St. Joseph to song to share with the church. God Squad has always held St. Joseph in the highest esteem as our patron in our ministry to men in the Church. We wish to honour him through this effort.

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The vision is to have the Litany set to music by Carlos Foggin (2020 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award, in 2019 was named by the Calgary Herald as a “Compelling Calgarian” for his work in community building, education, and outreach and was inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Canadian College of Organists) and recorded at Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies in Canmore. We are working with Father Cristino and the seminarians as possible vocalists who will perform with the Rocky Mountain Symphony. This endeavour will include a video of the litany to share with the world and a 70 minute concert at the Shrine by the Rocky Mountain Symphony.

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We need to raise funds to complete this gift to our church. It will cost at least $35,000.00 to complete to the level we believe will give honour to St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Canada. All donations and prayers will assist us in reaching our goal. Donations are tax deductible and for anyone able to contribute a major donation, and would like to be recognized, we have created the following categories:

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  • $25 – $250  –  Zealous Defender of Christ – Recognition on the video.
  • $251 – $999  –  Pillar of Families – Recognition on the video and will be given early access to be able to purchase tickets for the concert.
  • $1000 – $2499  –  Patron of a Happy Death – Named on the commissioning of the music, recognized on the video, plus 2 tickets to the concert and a meet and greet.
  • $2500 – $4999  –  Terror of Demons – Named on the commissioning of the music, recognized on the video plus 4 tickets to the concert and a meet and greet.
  • $5000+  –  Protector of the Holy Church – Named on the commissioning of the music, recognized on the video plus 6 tickets seated with the God Squad team or dignitaries to the concert, plus a meet and greet and a picture with the symphony.

God Squad would like to have commitments for 60% of the funding after our A Dram for Saint Joseph Fundraiser on January 16, 2021, with the aim of having the funding completed in time for the Annual God Squad Men’ Conference in March of 2021.

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Please pray for this project.

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Saint Brother André, we celebrate your presence among us.

Your loving friendship with Jesus, Mary and Joseph

makes you a powerful intercessor with God, our Father.

Compassion carries your words straight to God’s heart,

and your prayers are answered with comfort and healing.

Through you, from our lips to God’s ear, our supplications are heard…

that you help us secure the funds to honour St. Joseph in this endeavour.

We ask to be made a part of God’s work, alongside you,

in a spirit of prayer, compassion and humility.

 Saint Brother André, pray for us.

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