Sept 2021 Man Up-date Federal Election Novena

Federal Election Novena

September 2021 Man Up-date

Fellowship among men is as important as air to breath.
In this month’s Man Up-date, Richard Beaulieu joins Sean Lynn in the pub where they unpack a bit of this year’s Motorcycle Ride.

Canada can hardly be recognized as the Christian nation it once was.
Perhaps this is what inspired the tag of Returning the Ring Bearer to Mordor.

The consensus among the men this year is that there is much evangelization work to do.
As men, husbands and fathers, we are part of the many members of the Body of Christ.
But what we’re not, is in Management.  We’re in Sales!
Let Management worry about the problems in the Church.

Ours is the job of proclaiming the Good News that God Loves us and saved us by dying for our sins, thereby conquering death (the wage of sin) in His resurrection and freeing us to become adoptive Children of God.  
This Good News is also known as the Kerygma.

“God Loves you and has an amazing plan for you!” (Sean Lynn, on many many occasions)

Join us in praying the Novena to St. Joseph for the special intention for the Federal Election and plead with God to start turning hearts in this country.

Let’s see if we can make a difference in this country by having good Christian fellowship.