Riders In The Storm 6

Riders In The Storm

Wisdom From The Road Update 6

God Squad introduces you to Father Marius Sztuk, Society of the Divine Saviour (SDS) who in this installment speaks to us from Cheyenne WY.


Father speaks to us about the holiness of vacations, about how being in the midst of the world, away from your daily routine can be a way to learn how to find common ground.  Say like motorcycles, something many have people have in common.  Once common ground is found, you can rest assured that his holy priest will turn the conversation to God.  


Learn how messy our lives can be and how we all have our own crosses to carry.  


We have been entrusted the great gift of faith and as part of our discipleship, we moved to share it with others.  Vacations are not a vacation from God.  Au contraire. 


Join us in this great work of corporal mercy on a Saturday August 27, 2022.


Please consider donating your time to help us paint St. Paul’s Church in Brocket Alberta. 


Be there for 09:00 AM. 

We’ll supply the tools and the paint.


Bring a ladder of you can.