The God Squad was started by 4 police officers from The Calgary Police Service who felt a need to pray for officers and their families. It evolved into putting on men’s conferences in 1998 when Sean Lynn had gotten to know Steve Wood who was the founder of St Joseph Covenant Keepers. One of the speakers at the first conference was Mark Shea, who, after the conference wrote an article calling these 4 police officers the God Squad. The name stuck. Steve Wood later that year had the officers come to ETWN studios to appear on his show the Carpenters Shop.

The group has been putting on conferences every year since, near the feast of St Joseph (March 19) who is their Patron Saint. The God Squad has expanded to men from all walks of life who give of their time and talent to put on these yearly conferences. In recent years the God Squad has expanded to include a BBQ outreach, which consists of cooking and serving basic barbeque at various venues and events to raise awareness of the ministry.