October 2023 Man Update

October 2023 Man Update

Legacy of Missionary Disciples

By Sean Lynn president of God’s squad Canada and
coach for the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance.


Celebrating family, acknowledging he is a very blessed man.  Making a difference, not only just for you but for those who will come after you.  Our faith is one big family, with God our Father and Jesus our eldest brother.  Sean invites us into discipleship, to be brothers and to reach out to one another.  As the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance says:  “No man left behind.” 


Sean’s prayer is that we continue to work together.  Here’s hoping that Sean’s legacy will make a difference to those you see at the beginning of this video.  Imagine the difference we can make if our children and our children’s children can become missionary disciples; imagine the world we could create.


Join the mission.  Go to www.godsquad.ca and see what’s going on.  Go to Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance at www.catholicmenleaders.org or to Heroic Men at www.heroicmen.com and just join us in the mission of discipleship.  Bring other men along with you.  Look for other brothers in your parish and together, we can make a difference.


St. Joseph.  Pray for us!