Our mission if we chose to accept it..

There were so many wonderful moments and experiences at the conference this year.  It would be an injustice to blog about it in haste here.  Almost two weeks later, and I am still finding myself lost in glazed stares, reflecting upon and pondering the call that was issued – to die to self.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the volume of opportunities that exist for beginning this practice…!  I have realized by God’s grace that this abundance is but a reflection of the magnitude of my own self-interest and selfishness. I will cling to Jonathan’s words, that this is not going to happen overnight.  That it will take years and likely an entire lifetime – but that it has to be my daily goal.

This will be the second time I recommend an article by Michael O’Brien, but he is truly a gifted and holy warrior of the faith that deserves our attention.  He has written a poignant commentary on the current state of our world order, that can be read in its entirety here:


“The truth is that all systems that seek to rule the Family of Man with either total or selective contempt for some portion of that family, in the end will destroy the family itself. Such systems are inherently anti-human, and thus they are also anti-Christ. It is a simple fact that all the worst manifestations of the spirit of Antichrist in history have been immediately preceded by apostasy from the Christian faith. We are now living in the midst of the greatest apostasy from the Christian faith in the history of the Church. This apostasy has been made possible not only by the external pressures brought to bear on believers by the spirit of the world, by the sins and errors of unbelievers. It has occurred largely because of the internal betrayal of the Faith by false teachers who have arisen among us, those who gradually seized our institutions in the particular churches (university faculties and other levels of education, some seminaries, diocesan organs of formation in faith, catechetical programs, and so forth) and turned them to their own purposes, which were far from the mind of Christ and far from the heart of the Church.”

With prayer for a holy and blessed Easter!

– Jeff