Mille grazie Spolumbo’s

Spolumbo’s Fine Foods & Deli has been a landmark business in Calgary since 1992 when some football friends came together to create a 10 seat deli in Inglewood using tried and true traditional recipes passed down from their families.


Today, Spolumbos is an icon recognized by anyone who lives in or has visited Calgary because it is a dining experience everyone should partake of.  Within the first few years of God Squad being founded, Spolumbos generously donated the food for the conferences for upwards of 500 men, which is no small feat! Since then, Spolumbos has sponsored the conference every year with their generous donations since 2003. 

God Squad would like to recognize and thank them for their selfless service to the organization and the men who have benefited.

We thank them for their undying support and encourage people to participate in our efforts in supporting them at every occasion possible.