July 2022 Man-Update

July 2022 Man-Update

Holy Holidays

Holy Holidays are not a time away from God but a time to spend some quiet time with God.


Take your family to new churches and in that way learn some of the history and heritage of the Church.  Take this opportunity to make it a Holy Holiday.  


I encourage the men to take this time to reflect on what God is calling you to do in this next year; to what piece do you think He wants you working in.  


The Church needs your help to grow the Church in Canada; with ministry to men, whether you have your own group, let’s join forces.


Watch and see the beautiful scenery Sean has the privilege to enjoy during his Holy Holiday and how on fire he is returning from the Catholic Men’s Leadership Association (CMLA)  Summit just attended.

We are hoping to gather a team of 10 and be able to start and complete the work on a Saturday.
Right now we are tentatively looking to schedule this on one of the two last weekends’ of August 2022.