January 2022 Man-Update

“Fend off the enemy!”
“You can’t tame me!”
“Heading up the river, we feel the change on the rise.”
“What good’s a man who lost his soul.”
“Can’t make a stand when his flame has gone cold.”

From Avi Kaplan’s song “Change on the Rise” 


Help us celebrate our 25th anniversary, inspired by St. John Paul II’s call for the new springtime and Avi Kaplan’s song “Change on the Rise” with the view of building up the church.  Our theme is “Change on the Rise; Ushering in the New Springtime!”  


We are excited to have Bishop McGrattan celebrate the opening mass.
Our keynote speakers are Jeff Cavins and Brett Powell.  


Please join us in person or on live stream at godsquad.ca to register and for more information  


Host a watch party.  Or if you can, bring a man or two with you.