Integrity: Where has it gone?

integrityIn the past several weeks we have been hit with the news of RCMP officers being caught shoplifting in Vancouver B.C. during the Olympics, dying while pulling off drunken stunts, breaking into a house while off duty and other actions that discredit the police. We have heard and read of a bishop from Nova Scotia being caught with child pornography. A colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces was charged with first degree murder and sexual assault. Tiger Woods, held up as an icon of clean living and a family man, comes clean with a hidden life of deceit and adultery after he is found out. People in positions of the public trust have caused untold embarrassment, anger, hurt and a loss of trust when they breached ethics and lost the vision of personal and professional integrity.

The RCMP motto, “TO DO THE RIGHT” in my opinion defines integrity. To do the right thing requires us to have an informed conscience that understands God’s law of love that is written in our hearts and conscience and then live out the law to love God and our neighbor.

We need to remember that our decisions “to do the right” thing will always promote peace, harmony, and goodwill within our families and society. Our actions are like the ripple in the pond after we throw a rock in it. Our challenge is to be in right relationship first of all to God so that our thoughts, words and action reflect and promote God’s love for us and our love for our neighbor. Being in right relationship with God means we need to communicate continuously through talking with Him (prayer), reading His love letters to us (bible) and loving, respecting and obeying His bride (the Church and His Sacraments).

We are in a battle for our souls and those entrusted to us. This is the battle between good and evil. Our weak nature rebels and is always looking for the easy yet deadly way out. “Be a man” God tells us. Fight the good fight! Do the right and you will hear those wonderful words, “Well done though good and faithful servant, enter into my rest”.

~ Jim Amsing