Image of God the Father

Image of God the Father

My daughter Aileen was invited to return to Ireland as a missionary with NET Ministries for a second year. The only problem was how to do this with little time and no money.


Aileen decided to pray at the church and ask God if he wanted her to go, and if He did she needed $1000 within 24 hours.


Needless to say she ended up returning to Ireland with the understanding that God had provided the signs and means to confirm that she should return.


After she had left and I was settling up her cell phone service and making sure there were no outstanding debts left behind, I began to reflect on what had transpired in a few short weeks.

My wife offered her the 300 Euro that we bought from her when she had returned in June.

I called a cousin who offered a standby flight to London.

I paid for her flight to Ireland, and so on. 


I couldn’t help thinking that this was a personal cost to me.  Then my thoughts turned to my daughter’s trust in God and reflected upon my actions and sacrifice.


Did it help with building that trust? 

As fathers we are called to be that reflection of God The Father for our children. Our children don’t always see what goes on behind the scenes in making things happen for them.

The problem is that we do not see clearly what God does for us all the time.  Do we have that trust in God when we are asking for His help in our daily lives?


We have less than a month left in this Year of St. Joseph, a man who was the reflection of God The Father for the young Jesus.


Let us turn to Him as a powerful intercessor as we fulfill our roles as men, husbands and fathers in the world. 


Let us be witnesses of this kind of loving father so that the world trusts that God is present in their lives and cares deeply for them.

Sean Lynn