February 2023 Man-Update

February 2023 Man-Update

Register today for the 2023 God Squad Men’s Conference today!

By Sean Lynn, president of God Squad Canada


Register today for the 2023 God Squad Men’s Conference, March 17 and 18, 2023.  Guest Speakers:  Father Raymond De Souza, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, with Father Troy Nguyen celebrating the opening Mass, and as always, we’re going to have some Spolumbo’s .


Our theme is Memento Mori (Remember Your Death).  Sean wants to see 500 men at the conference this year.  Students can come for $10.  That’s a great deal for all you can eat Spolumbos. So no excuses young men.


But wait!  There’s more.  Sean has an even more exciting revelation concerning him and the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance. You have to listen to this video.


Speaking to the Canadian Western Conference of Catholic Bishops, Sean tells us they hunger for men to step up and grow men’s ministry.  Reach out to Sean and he will hook you up with mentorship and the content you need to get going now matter how big or small the ministry you are called to.


Visit heroicmen.com or Sean’s show: A Dram With Friends where he talks about family, faith, food and fun.


Please pray for our conference and join us this Lent with Sean’s Scripture Challenge:  One chapter per day of Proverbs and then Ecclesiastes for 44 chapters; starting on Ash Wednesday (today Feb 22, 2023) ending with the last chapter on Holy Thursday April 6, 2023. Challenge other men and share with them the pearls of wisdom you collect along the way. Post your pearls on our Facebook page God Squad Canada FB