February 2022 Man-Update

Deacon Stephen Robinson 

Deacon Stephen sends out the call to “man up” so to speak, to be counter cultural and be a man in the traditional Catholic sense and to join us at the 25th annual Men’s Conference..


Our speakers will be Jeff Cavins and Brett Powell, speaking to us about the Change on the Rise: Ushering the New Springtime.

Men have been driven down the path to sin.  Can you see the signposts to holiness or do you follow the ruts of Satan? 


Deacon speaks of the three traps laid on by Satan:

  1. The portrayal of stupid, self-centered men, stuck in adolescent mentality
  2. The Leadership Vacuum created by the fear instilled by Satan in our society that men and women are not equal if men show leadership in the family
  3. Pornography, the intrinsic evil, the glave that not only separates us from God but from intimacy with others, leaving us alone

Learn about what men’s diakonia really is; the one established by Jesus; the one that bestows upon Him the title of Lord.  


Learn what it means to be a manly man in the image of our Lord.  


Renew the true meaning of intimacy in your lives with your wife and your family and with God.


“Come and be with us as we promote this new springtime, this new rising up to be manly men.”