Faith Spotlight

Change is on the Rise:
Ushering The New Springtime 

Mario interviews Sean Lynn of God Squad Canada on the theme of its upcoming 25th Anniversary Men’s Conference.  Sean gives testimony on how 4 police officers started God Squad and how grateful he is for all the many volunteers over the years that made God Squad what it is today.  From Men’s Conferences, to BBQ Outreach, to motorcycle rides or disc golf, God Squad is about reaching out to young men, forming and strengthening men and to inspire them to embrace God’s vocation in their lives.

Sean says that this year’s theme was inspired by Avi Kaplan’s song “Change on the Rise” and St. John Paul II’s new springtime in his encyclical REDEMPTORIS MISSIO, long before the current political winds and discourse in the media. Inspired by reflection, Sean recognizes, as farmers do, that the springtime is a time of hard work.  As “we’re coming out of two years of struggle and strife we need to work hard at coming together and work for healing” and building up the Kingdom of God.

Sean is excited to announce our speakers and who will be presiding the opening Mass:  Jeff Cavins, Brett Powell and Bishop William McGrattan of the Diocese of Calgary.  

Undaunted by the pandemic, God Squad has been able, through the good graces and protection obtained from its patron Saint; Saint Joseph, to be able to host a men’s conference online at the St. Joseph’s Oratory, in the Year of St. Joseph, whilst it was closed.  This year, the Conference will be in person.  For those who are unable to attend physically, they can join the conference online.

“We understand that wherever you’re at, we want you to join, if it’s small groups across the country, get together and watch!  But you’re not going to get the Spolumbo’s [sausages] if you don’t show up.”

There’s room for 1,200 now as the restrictions have been lifted. “So come and help us celebrate our 25th Anniversary!”

God Squad’s 2022 Conference is being held at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Calgary on March 18 and 19, 2022.  Everyone registering will get a free copy of Chris Stefanik’s  “Rise A 30 – Day Challenge” that you can start on Feb 16 to be done in time for the Conference.

Also available from God Squad is a set of Disc Golf discs with a driver named Terror of Demons. Sean sees disc golf as an opportunity to bring families together or to strengthen mentor relationships with the men in your life.  

Please join God Squad on March 10, 2022, in honoring God in St. Joseph by joining them in the Novena to St Joseph.