Love in the Kitchen

Love in the Kitchen

Join us for Love in the Kitchen

Register today for our all-ages cooking and theology online conference. There is no charge to participate! More than 20 Catholic speakers will offer insights into where our spirits connect with our stomachs. From morning coffee to a midnight snack, there will be topics of interest for everyone. And on Saturday night, a free cooking class with renowned chef Fr Leo of Plating Grace Ministries!

Our very own Sean Lynn will be one of the speakers at “Love in the Kitchen”.  Come and learn about faith through cooking demonstrations.

2022 Thank You

2022 Thank You

We did it!

How have you experienced journeying together as the Church?

By Sean Lynn of God Squad Canada 

We did it! We celebrated an in-person Men’s Conference in Canada, celebrating 25 years of Men’s Ministry for God Squad Canada. I can’t thank you enough for all the men that have shown up over the years to support us and those that joined us online and in-person. This year I’d especially like to thank our speakers Jeff Cavins, Brett Powell, and Bishop McGratton for making a memorable weekend. This doesn’t happen by accident, this happens with a lot of work behind the scenes by dedicated volunteers year in and year out. I get to be the smiling face at the podium but there is a dedicated team over the years that have helped pull off these conferences and this year is by no means any different. I would like to thank Lorand Szojka, Richard Beaulieu, Stephen Cross, Deacon Stephen Robinson, Fr. Jonathan Gibson, Stephen Kaip, John Paul, Joey Paul, Dave Cichon, and Peter van Uden. These are the men that help God Squad Canada move forward. In the last year, they have had us looking at it in more of a business light and moving us to the next level, I cannot thank them enough. I would like to also personally thank my loving wife, Michele and my eight children, who have been supporting me personally for the last 25 years to make these conferences happen. 

Stephen Cross, Jeff Cavins, Sean Lynn, Brett Powell, Lorand Sojka, Stephen Kaip, Richard Beaulieu

We were blessed to have Sisters Seeds Of The Word help service lunch this year and Beloved Daughters help serve coffee and donuts. I’d like to thank our sponsors the CMLA/Heroicmen for sponsoring Jeff Cavins, Spolumbo’s for sponsoring our lunch, and Mike Reid of Tim Hortons who sponsored our coffee muffins and donuts. 

I pray that you were all moved by the weekend talks which we are making available for you to watch and listen to and reflect on and maybe share with that man Jeff challenge you to bring into the church in the next five years. None of this happens by accident. We need your prayers and support as we continue to move forward under the guidance of Saint Joseph. Please consider four things; Are you willing to be a parish Ambassador or captain to help us promote God Squad and men’s ministry? Second; consider being a helping hand as we try to do more Outreach with a BBQ, disc golf, or painting the church in Brocket. Third; your prayers – we have prayers on our website where you can pray with us whether it’s a novena, rosary, or Terror of demons. Use prayers that speak to you. Then finally please consider a donation. Normally we ask at the conference for donations, which didn’t fit into the schedule this year as we were trying to keep it on time and on message. We still would like to raise money for the Litany of Saint Joseph and we would like to other Outreach possibilities. Considering sponsoring so we can serve dinner to CCO missionaries for free on April 2 or Bishop McNally High School retreat in May. I’d like to see what the possibility is of us hiring people to move it to the next level and bring this message across Calgary and Canada. Some of your companies will match your donations or volunteer hours so please consider helping us. Please email if you can help with any of these things. E-Transfers can be made to; please follow-up with an email with all your personal information for tax purposes.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and prayers and attendance at this year’s conference and know that we will continue to move forward reaching men where they’re at and doing what we can to build the Kingdom of God.

P.S. Like and subscribe to A Dram With Friends on Heroicmen, YouTube or your favourite podcast platform. Help us grow our audience and share. If you know someone who would make a great guest, please let Sean know at:

Bishop Scott Cal McCaig, C.C.

Bishop Scott Cal McCaig, C.C.

March  2022


Dear Brothers in Christ, 


I am writing this letter to give support to the work of God Squad Canada. God Squad has been carrying out its Apostolate for 25 years, and enjoyed the protection of their Patron, St Joseph

Through the guidance of St Joseph, God Squad’s vision is to form and strengthen men, inspiring them to embrace God’s vocation in their lives.


Their Mission is to positively encourage men amidst today’s darkness of spiritual famine and moral confusion; to challenge men to reverse the breakdown of families by serving and nurturing men of all ages to be leaders in their families and communities; and, to inspire men to show the same servant leadership to their families that Christ has for His bride, the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.


Some of God Squad’s beneficiaries have been seminarians, NET ministries, St. F.X. Chaplaincy, Catholic Christian Outreach, One Rock family conferences and the Calgary Lay Associations


The theme for God Squad’s 25th Anniversary Men’s Conference on March 18 and 19, 2022 is A Change on the Rise: Ushering In The New Springtime.  Change is on the rise.  “The mission of Christ the Redeemer, which is entrusted to the Church”, needs men willing to renew the mission and “proclaim the great works of God”  Springtime is not just about new life, it’s about hard work, getting your hands dirty and fending off the enemy.


As the Episcopal Advisor to God Squad Canada, I extend to all of you my apostolic blessing, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen



Bishop Scott Cal McCaig, C.C.
Bishop of the Roman Catholic
Military Diocese of Canada

Disc Golf

Disc Golf

Why Disc Golf and God Squad?

Disc golf is a great fit for God Squad

By Sean Blair

My first exposure to disc golf was a number of years ago when my young family went out to the Canmore Nordic Centre.  We saw the maps of the course and thought “Hey, why not!  Throwing frisbees is fun!”. 


We rented our discs and trotted out to the first hole with our small army of (at the time) 6 young children and thought “how hard could it be?”


Very hard, actually.


We quickly found ourselves off in the trees looking for lost discs, and also found many young adults “playing through”.  Many of them, I noted, had full backpacks of discs, and seemed to know how to handle them.


After two holes of playing hide and seek with our discs, we decided maybe this wasn’t the right time and place for our family to figure this game out (Nordic Centre is a tough course), and we instead decided to do some orienteering.  


I found out that there was a tournament happening the next day and all the young adults playing through were doing their practice rounds for it.


I was intrigued at the passion and dedication that these players showed.


Fast-forward a number of years and my kids are getting older.  I see a course built in our local Baker Park in the NW of Calgary and I am intrigued.  My young teens show interest as well and we pick up a couple starter sets and now three years later, it has grown to a passion for our family as well (I don’t have the backpack yet, but I’m getting there!).


Disc Golf has a number of positive aspects to it: 


  • Depending on the course, pretty much all ages can play
  • It is challenging, and thus rewarding
  • It is easy to pick up (if you can throw a frisbee, you can play!), but difficult to master
  • Fosters socializing and camaraderie 
  • It is not uncommon to see babies in strollers along for the ride, thus is a great sport for the whole family!


So why would a Catholic men’s organization be jumping into disc golf?


It would seem that the sport is a great fit for God Squad:


  • A chance for men and their families to get outside and join other men in a meaningful pursuit
  • Healthy competition between men is always a good thing
  • An opportunity to encourage each other (Iron sharpens iron)
  • A chance to promote our patron Saint Joseph?  Yes Please!
  • Young men really enjoy the sport and it is still an approachable game for all skill levels
  • Last, but not least: Nothing beats a good Spolumbos BBQ after 18 “holes” of golf


We want to encourage you, as you register for this year’s conference, to pick up a set of discs, and plan to join us for the tournaments and activities being planned as we speak.  If you’ve been inactive during these past couple years of COVID, I could not recommend a better sport to get limber and moving again.


We’ll see you on the course!!

If you are interested in learning more about the sport, feel free to check out the following sites:

Faith Spotlight

Faith Spotlight

Change is on the Rise:
Ushering The New Springtime 

Mario interviews Sean Lynn of God Squad Canada on the theme of its upcoming 25th Anniversary Men’s Conference.  Sean gives testimony on how 4 police officers started God Squad and how grateful he is for all the many volunteers over the years that made God Squad what it is today.  From Men’s Conferences, to BBQ Outreach, to motorcycle rides or disc golf, God Squad is about reaching out to young men, forming and strengthening men and to inspire them to embrace God’s vocation in their lives.

Sean says that this year’s theme was inspired by Avi Kaplan’s song “Change on the Rise” and St. John Paul II’s new springtime in his encyclical REDEMPTORIS MISSIO, long before the current political winds and discourse in the media. Inspired by reflection, Sean recognizes, as farmers do, that the springtime is a time of hard work.  As “we’re coming out of two years of struggle and strife we need to work hard at coming together and work for healing” and building up the Kingdom of God.

Sean is excited to announce our speakers and who will be presiding the opening Mass:  Jeff Cavins, Brett Powell and Bishop William McGrattan of the Diocese of Calgary.  

Undaunted by the pandemic, God Squad has been able, through the good graces and protection obtained from its patron Saint; Saint Joseph, to be able to host a men’s conference online at the St. Joseph’s Oratory, in the Year of St. Joseph, whilst it was closed.  This year, the Conference will be in person.  For those who are unable to attend physically, they can join the conference online.

“We understand that wherever you’re at, we want you to join, if it’s small groups across the country, get together and watch!  But you’re not going to get the Spolumbo’s [sausages] if you don’t show up.”

There’s room for 1,200 now as the restrictions have been lifted. “So come and help us celebrate our 25th Anniversary!”

God Squad’s 2022 Conference is being held at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Calgary on March 18 and 19, 2022.  Everyone registering will get a free copy of Chris Stefanik’s  “Rise A 30 – Day Challenge” that you can start on Feb 16 to be done in time for the Conference.

Also available from God Squad is a set of Disc Golf discs with a driver named Terror of Demons. Sean sees disc golf as an opportunity to bring families together or to strengthen mentor relationships with the men in your life.  

Please join God Squad on March 10, 2022, in honoring God in St. Joseph by joining them in the Novena to St Joseph.

Nov 2021 Man Up-date Count Your Blessings

Nov 2021 Man Up-date Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

November 2021 Man Up-date

Mr John Paul 

John invites you to send us your memories, thoughts and God moments from the God Squad Conferences to help us celebrate the 25th anniversary of God Squad’s Men’s Conferences.


Contact us at


Don’t forget to count your blessings and your priests.  Look for…  the positive in your life, make the priest a part of your family life so that your family sees how the presence of Christ can bear fruit.

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

I was praying that God would use this opportunity to bring our group leaders together with a renewed direction.

Direction he gave!

Kevin Philip, Regina

“You gotta meet Sean Lynn and the God Squad.” 5 years ago, a good friend of mine encouraged me to reach out to Sean. His name was Gerald Montpetit and he was about to lead worship at our first annual men’s retreat in Regina. Our keynote speaker was the indomitable Jim “Butch” Murphy from Michigan (another excellent friend and mentor of mine–and a fantastic public speaker, FYI). I told Gerald that I wanted to host a men’s retreat and that I just had to serve a BBQ’d Pig on a Spit. Gerald said that Sean was the guy I needed to talk to.


Who would’ve known that 5 years later (in 2021) our small men’s ministry, Made for Greatness, would still be kickin’ around and that Sean would be rolling thunder through Regina with 5 other exceptional men to meet us–right when I needed it the most. I knew that God was calling our wee ministry to go deeper, I just didn’t know exactly how. While Sean was graciously coordinating when they were going to arrive, I was praying that God would use this opportunity to bring our group leaders together with a renewed direction.


Direction he gave!


The men from God Squad were such good men, and we had a great time together. The best, though, was their exhortation to Preach the Gospel–it was like they heard my cry to God for a clear path! They even used the same words I used in my prayer: Kerygma, Rekindle the Flame, Go Deeper with God. On a personal level, it was so cool for me to meet these exceptional men and hear God’s voice through their sharing. The Regina men who came to meet them were so impressed to hear from their God Squad brothers … as their Brothers with a shared goal: forming men into Disciples of Jesus.


Sean wanted me to be brief, so I’ll wrap it up with this: myself and our Regina Brothers are so grateful to have met Sean and the other men who came to Regina. We are so grateful that they rolled the Thunder of God into our hearts and into our city.

Go to Joseph!

Go to Joseph!

Go to Joseph!

What is my duty as a Catholic Christian man? That question has been on my mind for several months as we navigate this pandemic. I want to do God’s will in this situation and lead my family to Heaven, which is the end goal. If you read posts online, there is so much division about the Government’s approach to deal with rising Covid numbers. There is also division within our Church community on the approaches taken by our Bishops and priests to try and keep our churches open. I know that I have struggled with many of the decisions made by the above mentioned; the hardest one was not
being able to host my daughter and grandchildren for Christmas. Even harder is not being able to visit our newest Grandson born early December in Idaho Falls, due to the border closure!

One of the bright spots has been The Bible in A Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz, which has helped us realize that God works within the mess of life. When I contemplate the question what is my duty, Fr. Mike reads to us from Genesis 41:55 ‘When all the land of Egypt was famished, the people cried to Pharaoh for bread; and Pharaoh said to all the Egyptians, “Go to Joseph; what he says to you, do.”’ I choose to go to Joseph.

Blank Line

God Squad has made the decision to make our 24th annual conference a virtual one due to the trends at this time. The theme for this year’s conference is St. Joseph: Sanctifier of the hidden life! St. Joseph can help us understand that it is not our accomplishments in the world that define who we are but like Day 2 of the novena that we do every year says: O God, you love your people and bless the ordinary lives we quietly live. As you blessed St. Joseph, bless what I do, however hidden and simple it may be, and let all I do be done with love. Leading up to the conference, we would like to encourage Consecration to St. Joseph starting on February 15th and finish on March 19th . This will aid our journey to discover God’s will in these difficult times.

Blank Line

We are looking to spread across Canada by making a truly Canadian conference with speakers from across the country: Bishop Scott McCaig, Andre Regnier, Jake Khym, and our own MC Fr. Cristino! Please look for information and registration on: and please invite friends and family from across our nation as we attempt to honour the patron saint of Canada, St. Joseph!

Blank Line

~Sean Lynn

2019 Annual Men’s Conference

2019 Annual Men’s Conference

Be not Afraid; To be a Saint

This Year’s Conference is March 15-16th.

Conference Schedule



Bishop Scott McCaig CC
Bishop Scott McCaig CC, is from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. He entered into full communion with the Catholic Church in 1987, and after serving with NET Catholic Youth Ministries USA joined the Companions of the Cross in 1989 in Ottawa. He obtained an undergraduate degree in History from Carleton University, a Bachelor’s degree in Sacred Theology from the University of St. Paul, and a Masters of Divinity degree from the University of Toronto (Toronto School of Theology). He was ordained to the priesthood in 1995 by Archbishop Marcel Gervais. He has served as an Associate Pastor, Parish Administrator, Hospital Chaplain, and Director of Formation for the Companions of the Cross from 200 to 2006. He served two terms as General Superior of the Society from 2006 to 2016.
Bishop Scott serves on the Board of Renewal Ministries Canada and has participated in missionary outreach to over 15 countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. He also serves on the Board of Catholic Christian Outreach and is involved in the spiritual formation of the members of the movement. He regularly assists with training of missionaries with NET Ministries of Canada and is a co-Chaplain to the Spiritual Motherhood of Priests Apostolate in Ottawa.
Jeff Cavins
Jeff Cavins is recognized nationally and internationally as a dynamic Bible teacher who can take complex theological concepts and make them practical for everyone.
After twelve years as a Protestant pastor, Jeff returned to the Catholic Church under the guidance of Bishop Paul Dudley.
Over the past several years, Jeff has dedicated his life to developing The Great Adventure Bible Studies, an extremely useful, practical and color coded interactive Bible study system.  This system enables students to understand the chronological flow of Scripture, following salvation history. To date, more than 2,200 Great Adventure studies have been conducted helping hundreds of thousands of Catholics and other Christians learn Sacred Scripture in a practical way.
Jeff is founding host of EWTN’s Life on the Rock and his conversion story is found in the best-selling book, My Life on the Rock: A Rebel Returns to the Catholic Faith. He is also the author of I’m Not Being Fed! Discovering the Food the Satisfies the Soul and he is co-editor of the Amazing Grace series of books, which feature stories concerning faith, hope, healing, inspiration and humor that strengthen the spirit and nourish the soul.
Jeff received an MA in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is currently the Director of the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute based
in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Jeff resides with his wife, Emily, and their three daughters in Minnesota

March 15th and 16th, 2019 at St. Peter’s Parish, Calgary, AB.

Doors open at 6pm on Friday, 7:30am on Saturday.

Special Student rates. Priests and Deacon’s may attend at no cost!

Financial assistance is available – please contact us




I am sure all of you have heard we are getting a new Bishop!  


I wanted to attend the installation Mass for Bishop McGrattan on February 27 so I sent an email to the Diocese to see if I could get tickets without reading all the information about this. The reply asked if I had an invitation as I wasn’t on any list.  I did not have an invitation and was told that I could try to register online the following week.


This all occurred late one night and for a moment I caught myself questioning why I was not invited? I thought I had done a lot of volunteering for the Church. Then I realized that I was not following in the footsteps of St Joseph as a humble man of God. I wondered how many others have served the Church at much greater levels and for much longer. I reflected on the virtue of humility as lived by St. Joseph.  


I realized that it came down to wanting to be noticed or recognized for contributions to the Church. I think many of us struggle with this issue of wanting to be recognized by awards and promotions. And pride takes hold of your accomplishments rather than allowing your gifts and talents to shine forth for the God’s glory. C.S. Lewis wrote: “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” (Mere Christianity)


Here is a reflection one should ponder from the Catechism, paragraph 2713: “Contemplative prayer is the simplest expression of the mystery of prayer. It is a gift, a grace; it can be accepted only in humility and poverty. Contemplative prayer is a covenant relationship established by God within our hearts.”


Contemplative prayer is a communion in which the Holy Trinity conforms man, the image of God, "to his likeness."


When I read that I see St Joseph!  It is hard to honour St Joseph without talking about his humility. He does not say one word that is recorded in Scripture. There is not a shrine or spot to commemorate his death and his burial. There was little mention of him by the early Church and if you look at Rome,  the centre of Christendom which has 66 Basilicas, St. Joseph was not honoured with one until 1970.


He was the closest man to Christ on earth, a reflection of God The Father for Jesus. Yet he was left in obscurity for centuries. Made patron of the universal church in 1870, he is also patron of Canada.


The God Squad has always looked to St. Joseph for intercession for the conferences and he has never failed us with his patronage. At our conference, men are challenged to be men of service to their families and society. Over the last 19 years,  I know many have taken up the challenge to be better husbands and fathers.


I am sure many of you have not been recognized by society for your work and sacrifice. Your father in heaven does see what you are doing as does your family.  Steve Wood has said many times the goal of having men attend these conferences is that it will make a difference in your grandchildren because of the legacy you have left.  There is no better recognition than hearing the words “well done my good and faithful servant.”


Join us to honour St. Joseph on March 17-18 at St. Mary’s Cathedral for our 20th annual God Squad men’s conference.

“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.”
–Saint Augustine

Happy New Year!


It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter. We are busy preparing for the 20th annual God Squad conference and just had a meeting to make sure all was on track. One of my tasks was to contact Bishop Fred Henry only to hear the news on the way into work that he had resigned. The media had a field day describing him and his actions over the years with words that did not fit who he is and what he has done for the Calgary diocese.

I was reflecting on what a great leader Bishop Henry was for Calgarians and the Catholic community at large. He truly was a shepherd and a father to us. What the media had maligned him for was what I loved him for. They just didn’t understand what he was doing. He was protecting us with warnings that if we take a certain path we are putting ourselves at risk. He was a warning sign of hazard ahead like a police officer giving out ticket for speeding to reduce traffic accidents and deaths. You don’t like the officer but he may have prevented an accident, and all the other cars driving by get the message to slow down.
Bishop Henry was a friend to the God Squad right from the beginning. He was installed on March 19, 1998 (the feast of St. Joseph) and opened our first conference with a blessing the next day, eventhough he had family waiting in the car to go out for dinner. Over the years, he celebrated Masses and gave talks and wrote letters of support for our conferences.
I remember after one conference having dinner with two of our keynote speakers discussing Bishop Henry and both were amazed how he had all these men enthralled telling a story about a toad. He truly is a gifted communicator. As I reflect on St. Joseph, I cannot help but notice the correlation between him and Bishop Henry. St. Joseph, too, protected his family – day in and day out without thought for himself. I could go on and on listing all the great things Bishop Henry did for Calgary. I believe like St. Joseph he did the will of the Lord in humility and grace.
This year’s theme for our annual conference is simply celebrating our 20th annual conference under the patronage of St Joseph. It will take place March 17-18 at St. Mary’s Cathedral with keynote speakers Steve Wood (founder of St. Joseph’s Covenant Keepers) and Damon Owens (Joy To Be and former executive director of TOB institute). The youth talk will be given by Jon Courchene and music by Revra.
Please help us celebrate this milestone by sharing your past stories of how the conference has made a difference in your life and bringing someone new with you this year. (Email stories or pictures of past conferences to
May God bless you and your families!