Evangelization Now

Evangelization Now

image-2image-2-e1394165581180In our world today, all Catholic men are called to spread the Word of God more than ever. Many of you already do this in different ways using your talents. With the social media of our time, news can spread like wildfire in a matter of seconds. We can use that to help spread the Word of God too! Many have found ways to do this through web sites, blogs, twitter and more. This should not undermine the importance of connecting with others one on one, speaking the Gospel message out loud with our mouths. In preparing for this year’s Men’s Conference, I feel called to share this message about spreading the Word. The theme of this year’s conference is, “Serve without Fear”. As I read Bishop Henry’s letter of support for the conference, he referred to JP II’s message “Be not afraid,” which I heard him say at WYD. I want to challenge those that I know not to be afraid of this opportunity. Come to this year’s conference and ask others to spread the word also.

My challenge to Men, who have been to the God Squad Men’s Conference in the past, is to invite someone new and bring them with you. Now this challenge has been laid out before and many of you have answered the call. I think we can do more! This is a chance to take up the Cross and follow Jesus, through the sacrifice of your time, to attend this conference, when you could be doing something else during the weekend.

What I am asking you to do before this conference is three simple things:

  • Pray
  • Invite Men
  • Pray for them. 

Find some time to pray for the conference starting now. Adoration, praying the Rosary, fasting – all things we can do to ask the Holy Spirit to stir the hearts of all those called to attend the conference this year. We can never underestimate the importance of prayer and what it can do for us and for others.
After you have prayed, make a list of two or three men that you think God may be calling you to bring to the conference. These can be men that you have asked before or men that have never been approached. If you have sons that are teens, invite them. Then after you have invited these men, make some time for them. Have them over for a meal and go for a beer to share about the conference and why you go. I know it can be difficult to find time away from family, but I know God will reward you for your work.

Keep praying for those you have invited. The Saint Joseph Novena starting on the 13th on March is a great way to conclude this offering before the conference.
Many of you do these things already. We need Catholic men to be leaders and in our world today. It is very important that we continue to help all Men in all age groups grow in their faith. Young men especially, need an example and opportunity to learn what it means to be Catholic men.

image-300x224This past summer at One Rock, I witnessed God working through a group of young Men.  Sean Lynn had asked if I could help keep an eye on the BBQ trailer over the weekend as he was busy with duties of being in charge of the whole program. I said ‘yes,’ though my wife was hesitant as we have 6 young children and my giving of this time would leave her to tend to the children alone. Well, Sean also asked Orion to be in charge of the food, but that was all. Several young men, most under the age of 18, all showed up and were a great help all weekend to Orion. They did all of the cooking and the work involved in serving the God Squad BBQ trailer. It was awesome to watch them take over the work, serve, and have fellowship together. I didn’t have to cook on

ekend with my family. Ever time I went to check in on the trailer, they were in great shape. This was a great witness to the

New Evangelization, with young men serving sausage to hundreds of other young people at a Catholic music festival.

Please invite the young men in your lives who are over the age of 14!image-1 

If you are one of our current Ambassadors and you have not been contacted yet or want to become an Ambassador, please email us and we will ensure you get the materials you need to promote the Men’s Conference in your parish. We have posters, post cards, and announcement materials for all parishes in Calgary and Southern Alberta.
I am looking forward to seeing many new faces at this year’s conference as well as seeing the many friendships I have built up with many of you over the years.