Carlos Foggin

Meet the Conductor

Carlos Foggin: Using his gifts to create music!

Sean Lynn interviewed Carlos Foggin during an episode of A Dram With Friends


Sean takes the show on the road and meets Carlos Foggin in his “pub” (in the Centre for the Performing Arts) and shares a Classic Whiskey Sour cocktail with Carlos Foggin, a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award in 2020.


Carlos is the founder of the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra and has conducted the ensemble since its inception in 2016. In 2019, he was named by the Calgary Herald as a “Compelling Calgarian” for his work in community building, education, and outreach and was inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Canadian College.

Carlos will be writing the musical score for our

St. Joseph Litany Project.

“The orchestra started out in the Church and in the Courts of the Royal Families.”

Without the patronage of the Church, classical music would not have taken off”.


Mozart wrote music for feast day Masses and Solemn Vespers.

Before classical music became classical, it was contemporary. “My vision is to take an old form, something that is seen as timeless, and mixing that with choir, implementing some Gregorian Chant in there, using the Latin language so that it is universal and timeless: It sounds old but it’s new; just as an homage to St. Joseph the Patron Saint, St. Joseph Patron of the Universal Church; showing what can be done with an old form. New wine in an old bottle so to speak.”


Carlos is largely influenced by St. Gregory and the legacy this Saint has left us dating back 16 centuries.


“St. Gregory. He penned the first chant.”


Carlos talks about his humble beginnings and his hope for the St. Joseph Litany Project.

Listen to this heartwarming conversation between cousins. You will get to know the man from a Mormon upbringing who wants to honour our Patron St. Joseph.


You will be surprised to learn who his posse is.

St. André Bessette,

we celebrate your presence among us.

Your loving friendship with Jesus, Mary and Joseph

makes you a powerful intercessor with God, our Father.

Compassion carries your words straight to God’s heart.


Through you, from our lips to God’s ear,

we implore you with the same humility you carried yourself,

to intercede in the life of Carlos Foggin;

that his work in glorifying God in His Greatest of Saints

bear much fruit.


May we be made a part of God’s work, alongside you,

in a spirit of prayer, compassion and humility.

Saint Brother André, pray for us.