Be Not Afraid

I was talking with my loving Wife Michele the other morning about our son Patrick introducing his friends to our low carb, high fat diet that many call keto ( I was thinking of branding it The God Squad Spolumbos, bacon, brisket and bourbon diet).  Michele stated “I wonder how many people have started the keto diet because of us.” Michele and I have lost a bit of weight on it since we started shortly after Divine Mercy Sunday. I found some the weight I lost during this long and cold winter but will continue on getting healthier.  After Michele’s comment I reflected and stated, “Imagine if we were talking how many people we introduced to our faith”


We have no problem sharing our diets with everyone: friends, family and co-workers.  Why do we have so much fear sharing our faith with everyone? Why are we afraid to stand up and say life begins at conception? There are so many other truths that our faith carries that we don’t want say to anyone. Is it because people notice when we have lost weight and want to know how we did it?  If that is the case, are people seeing the joy of the gospel in us and wanting that as well? Scripture says,”Always be prepared to make a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence; “1 Peter 3;15  We need to show the strengths of our faith as there are many out there that show the fallen within our faith. The bible says “you may know how one ought to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and bulwark of the truth.”1 Timothy 3:15

The reason that we gather at the God Squad conference each year is to strengthen one another and challenge each other to strive for that goal that we are challenged with, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1;16.  Do we fall short? of course we do and that is why we have many of our priests at the conference offer reconciliation. Just like a football game where you practice and practice before the big game. You do the play until you get it right then when it is crunch time you execute the play as planned.
Our faith just like a diet will be hard at times but scripture says In this you rejoice,[a] though now for a little while you may have to suffer various trials, 7 so that the genuineness of your faith, more precious than gold which though perishable is tested by fire, may redound to praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 1:7
How many of our friends, family and co-works would want to share our gold? Then lets share our faith that is more precious than gold!
I look forward to seeing you at this years conference.
God Bless You,

Sean Lynn