Battle Cry

I am working with youth at risk, the majority of whom are from broken families, and I finished our anniversary day sitting with a young man who tried to commit suicide as a cry for help.

We are living in a battle zone with causalities all around us and families are being decimated.  When a loved one dies as a hero, the family left behind has that to hang on to and they are remembered as we did today, Remembrance Day. The unjust death of families leaves behind only shattered dreams and broken hearts, especially for the children.  We have created a situation where this will carry from generation to generation as these children follow in their parent’s footsteps.  We have what I call the lost boys who don’t know how to be a good husband and father as they have never been shown by example.

We as a Diocese under the direction of our Bishop, who wants to protect his flock, have taken measures to stop the spread of H1N1. The city and province have spent millions trying to bring an end to the gang war because of 20+ deaths in the last 5 years. How many families in this same diocese will die this month and leave crippling effects for generations?

As a Police officer I am familiar with standing in the gap (the thin blue line) and protecting our way of life from the criminal element.  Members of the God Squad, all men of the Catholic Faith, I challenge you to stand in the gap to protect families. I challenge priests and deacons to shout the battle cry from the pulpit; for men to understand the marital covenant, dying to self for their wives as Christ died for the Church, teaching their families the faith.  Mentor a young man in the ways of wisdom, teaching them to honor their marriage covenant.  If we do not stand our ground now the family could be lost.

Many ask how do you make it 25 years?  The answer is something I have said for long time but recently heard it captured in a song by Burke Ingraffia titled “What Can I Do For You”  “Love is a decision and a feeling too”.  I choose to love my beautiful wife everyday!