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God Squad Conference
March 17th and 18th, 2017
Location: St. Mary's Cathedra
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Hi There! My name is Father Jonathan Gibson. I am the Chaplain for this year's God Squad conference to be held at St. Mary's cathedral March 17th and 18th.


This year, we are delighted that Calgary's new Bishop, William McGrattan, will be with us for the kick-off mass on the Friday evening.


Then through the rest of that evening and into Saturday we will have the opportunity through talks, and opportunities to talk with one another, to think about what it means to be men of courage and conviction in our day.


St. Paul said in Second Timothy, "God has not given us a Spirit of Timidity, but a Spirit of Power, of Love and of Self-Control."


Power, Love and Self-Control are three virtues that can help men to live courageously today. In a world where so many men shy away from lasting commitments and responsibilities. God Squad is a place where we want to encourage one-another to be men of integrity and men of commitment.


I would especially like to invite younger men to join us for this year's God Squad conference. Just as you need the right tools in order to do the right job, so too to grow in Godliness is not something that just "happens", but you need the right tools so that you can be equipped for the job at hand.


St. Joseph is our role model. He knew he had to be equipped with the skills and tools so as to lead the Holy Family.


Please join us for God Squad 2017, as together we are equipped with the Skills and Tools of Power, Love and Self-Control.


Fr. Jonathan Gibson,
God Squad Chaplain


20th Annual Men's Conference
St. Peter's Cathedral
March 17th and 18th
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