Holy Holidays


sl_disneyMost families will book a vacation for at least a week, if not longer, during the brief summer months while the kids are out of school and mom and dad have vacation time off of work.  That means staying at your destination for one or more weekends.  Weekends at home are like a mini vacation where you might take the time for leisure, rest, and a little excitement for a day or two.  When you are at home, there is a routine.  Shopping happens on days when mom or dad can get to the store, laundry gets done on specific days or when needed, chores have to get done and, oh yes, mass is on Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, when planning for a vacation, mass is not included in the itinerary when, in fact, it is a great opportunity to see the history and the beauty of the Church in the area where you will be spending your time.  It only adds to the holiday experience.

It becomes an adventure for the children to be taken into different places of worship as we have found out on our current holiday; whether it’s the newly renovated church we saw in Denver, the Cabrini Shrine in the US Rockies, or the basilica in Santa Fe which is celebrating its 400th anniversary. The history in Santa Fe is astonishing and most of what we learned about it came through going to the various churches in the area.  We went into the San Miguel mission, the oldest continuously attended church in North America, where there is a bell that was cast in Spain in 1356.  The story goes that it was made in honour of St. Joseph after the Spanish drove the Moors out of Spain.  How it ended up in Santa Fe is a bit of a mystery, but to be able to see and touch that kind of history is just amazing.  There is a legend that says that if you ring that bell, you will most certainly return to Santa Fe.  We were sure to ring it!

What amazes us the most is that wherever you go in this world, there is a Catholic Church that you can go to and celebrate the mass and know that it is the very same sacrifice, once, for all; the same Eucharist, the same sacrament that you receive at your home parish.  No matter where we are at the time, when we enter into the mysteries of Holy Mass, we are at home.  This even applies in places like Disney World where we attended Mary Queen of the Universe Shrine or a beautiful church in Key West called Mary Queen of the Seas.  We try to fill our senses with the most we can on a vacation through sightseeing, partaking of the local cuisine, soaking up the sun or just relaxing and doing nothing – a departure from our normal routine.  When we enter into the celebration of the mass, it is also designed to fill up our senses through the prayer responses, the various postures during the liturgy and, of course, receiving Jesus in the Eucharist.  Don’t let this wonderful opportunity pass you by when you plan your family’s vacation this summer.  Invite The Holy Family to come with you in prayer and in practice by attending mass at the local parish.

Bon Voyage!

July 2022 Man-Update

July 2022 Man-Update

July 2022 Man-Update

Holy Holidays

Holy Holidays are not a time away from God but a time to spend some quiet time with God.


Take your family to new churches and in that way learn some of the history and heritage of the Church.  Take this opportunity to make it a Holy Holiday.  


I encourage the men to take this time to reflect on what God is calling you to do in this next year; to what piece do you think He wants you working in.  


The Church needs your help to grow the Church in Canada; with ministry to men, whether you have your own group, let’s join forces.


Watch and see the beautiful scenery Sean has the privilege to enjoy during his Holy Holiday and how on fire he is returning from the Catholic Men’s Leadership Association (CMLA)  Summit just attended.

We are hoping to gather a team of 10 and be able to start and complete the work on a Saturday.
Right now we are tentatively looking to schedule this on one of the two last weekends’ of August 2022.

Children; Winning with Faith

Children; Winning with Faith

Children need faith training beginning at a young age


I am coaching rugby at a high school in Calgary, and for the last two years we have not had a junior program at the school due to the lack of a teacher sponsor.  


The problem of not running a junior program is that I don’t have enough boys coming up with the knowledge and experience of playing the game. This year more than half of my starters at the beginning of the season had never played before. Unfortunately that shows on the field even when they are trying their best.


They don’t know all the rules and fine points of the game and to try and teach them this in a matter of weeks is very difficult.


The future is bright, though, because we do have a junior team with a large number of boys who played at high levels prior to entering high school. It is showing on the scoreboard as well. Later this week they will be competing in the city championships.


I’m sure by now you are saying that's very nice, but don’t you normally write about faith? Yes, I do and I wanted to use this as an analogy of raising our children in the faith. You have heard parents say I will wait until they are old enough to choose for themselves. The problem with that is they will not be ready when it is game time. They will not have the understanding of the faith when pressed or challenged. In those critical moments when they need God the most, they won’t feel they know how to reach out to Him. Faith equals resiliency, which is in short supply among our youth today.


It is never too late to work with your child on learning and making the faith their own. I know in Canada millions of kids get sent to hockey and soccer camps to help them have a better shot of making the best team. Make sure you invest in authentic Catholic camps where your children will be challenged to make the faith their own.


My children have all loved Our Lady of Victory Camp on Gull Lake and Youth for Truth. I have heard great things about Arcatheos Boys' Camp and Captivenia Girls' Camp south of Calgary. If you are travelling for vacation explore the church and history of where you are going.


Where do you start? I started by teaching my rugby team a prayer that most did not know, the St Michael prayer, that we said before every game.


Sean Lynn